Misc Articles to Read

I have been trying to keep up with my reading and falling behind.  There are a lot of articles that I skim and take something from, but that I hoped to synthesize and share.  Rather than get too far in the hole, I am going to share a few here.

Two sources I would recommend for reading are Align Journal (new magazine) and BPTrends.  They both have great process related articles.

  1. McKinsey on applying lean to application development
  2. McKinsey survey on IT Strategy
  3. Several McKinsey articles on pricing
  4. Good overview of DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)
  5. Article on the book Payback and Innovation
  6. Article on Experience Mapping in Healthcare
  7. Article on Business Process Innovation (BPI) at TransUnion
  8. Top 10 Technology Projects
  9. Article on whether to fix before you outsource
  10. Creating a process centered organization
  11. Creating a business process approach to management
  12. ITIL and Six Sigma
  13. What is TRIZ
  14. Compliance and BPM
  15. Lean for Service Processes
  16. Sub-processes
  17. Value mapping vs. detailed process mapping
  18. Skills of a business process expert

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