Stress – No Surprises Here

I don’t think any of us are surprised that we feel more stress. We get 100s of e-mails. We are accessible 24×7. We get voicemails. We get letters, faxes, text messages, etc. We try to multi-task. We expect everything to be done immediately. (You get the point.)

USA Today (you can tell I am traveling) had an article about this today with lots of interesting statistics:

  • 82% of women and 71% of men have experienced a physical symptom of stress in the past month (sleep problems, overeating, skipping meals, or using prescription drugs).
  • 58% of married people said were more likely to fight with family members when stressed.
  • 52% of employees have considered or made a career decision based on workplace stress.
  • Lower income adults are more likely to experience symptoms of stress – physical and psychological (irritability, anger, nervous, sad, lack of energy).

These paint a bad picture. The article says that 32% of those responding regularly experience extreme levels of stress.

There are lots of suggestions on managing stress. AARP offers a series of information on the topic. Revolution Health offers information on stress.

And, I am sure that lack of sleep contributes to stress. So sleep more…meditate…and enjoy life.

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