Employee Satisfaction – Drug Utilization

Over the past decade, colleges have had to reveal more information about crime statistics on campuses which creates a new way of comparing colleges. For some random reason, I was thinking earlier about how interesting it would be to see drug utilization by employer as a proxy metric for job satisfaction and culture. Imagine if you get see the utilization of anti-depressants or sleeping pills by employer. That might help you understand how people feel about the company and the amount of on-the-job stress.

I know that clinically someone is going to beat me up about depression being a serious disease, but this is not meant to make light of the disease. It is simply an acknowledgement that abstracted medical data could reveal interesting things about companies – number of worker’s compensation claims, use of diet drugs. Just like I would argue that knowing the BMI of company employees would tell you a lot about the role of diet and exercise in a company.

I can remember preparing for annual reviews with clients and looking at their top 10 therapy classes based on utilization. You could quickly tell things like average age and other attributes of the company.

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