Texting for Deductibles and Copays

I often get a lot of ideas from financial services.  I was watching a banking advertisement yesterday where the customer could text their bank to get a real-time balance.  It made me think what a great service that would be in healthcare.

Imagine texting your plan for an immediate response on:

  • Your deductible
  • Your FSA balance
  • Your copay on a specific drug
  • Whether a provider is in network
  • The status of your prior authorization
  • A list of formulary alternatives

Since a lot of the logic exists, the question becomes one of using this medium and designing a secure mechanism for accessing the system and providing information.  Patients would have to register their mobile phone and approve it for PHI.  (There may be more to this, but it seems like it must be doable.)


  1. The Healthcare IT Guy » Texting for Insurance Deductibles and Copays - September 17, 2008

    […] over at Patient Centric Healthcare blogged about using mobile phones’ texting capabilities to get insurance company deductibles and other infor…. Nice idea, worth reading — somebody will make some money off of it. He says: Imagine texting […]

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