I Get A Different Conclusion

In the same Express Scripts’ investor deck, I have to disagree with the slide below which is supposedly proof that the Consumerology efforts are working.

Showing me that the trend for a client who was above their norm last year (see drug trend comparisons), went down to 3% (year-over-year) increase (which is over both Medco’s and Prime Therapeutics’ average trend) doesn’t seem that impressive.  In the years when I worked on the drug trend publication, we showed that the average client with two or more plan design changes had negative trend, on average.

And, further complicating this example is the fact that this shows a client implementing mandatory mail, mandatory generics, and step therapy.  These are a series of proven, reject oriented solutions that force the member to make changes or pay much more.  Anyone can drive trend with these.  If you show me that non-reject oriented programs work to the same degree due to targeting and personalization using consumerology, then I am impressed.  Obviously, I am not there anymore, but I don’t think this is a compelling case study for consumerology.  Maybe there is more to the story like no impact on the call center or no impact on member satisfaction or less members hitting a reject at the point-of-sale (POS).

One Response to “I Get A Different Conclusion”

  1. This slide would be more meaningful if it showed actual change rather than projected change. We’ll have to wait until the end ot 2009 to see if the slide has any relevance. Also, the “consumerology” techique is nothing but environmental and behavioral segmentation. This kind of segmentation does not give any insight into how any individual consumer thinks. There is no such thing as “the health care consumer”: There are only millions of individuals seeking health care services at different levels and with different styles. The individual is where it all begins!

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