60M Health 2.0 Users BUT…

I think we are all still waiting on the final business models to find the profitable solutions. I think many of the tools are great. Some are even amazing in what they can do. But, ultimately most of these are businesses, so how are they making money?

In a recent report by Manhattan Research, they define Healthcare 2.0 consumers as “adults who have read health-related blogs, access message boards, or participated in health-related chat rooms.” It also includes people who have contributed content through comments to a blog entry, writing, or creating and posting videos or pictures.

It seems a little easy to become a Healthcare 2.0 consumer using this definition and without much stickiness.

“Healthcare in the US is an expensive commodity and, as a result providers are always seeking to streamline operations. Allowing members to manage their own healthcare portfolio services online helps them to achieve this, as well as raising levels of customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation,” said David Lavenda, vice president of marketing and product strategy at WorkLight.

See study here.

See WorkLight press release on this here.

If there are 60M “users”, there is a great install base to build upon.  I think we are all hoping to see how some of these companies make their models work and blend with the establishment to change the industry.

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