New Terms – ShyPod, Tweetup

There is always new “slang” popping up, but it seems to happen more lately (or I’m just getting old). Here are a few things from an article in Delta Sky Magazine (April 09) and today’s USA Today.

  1. Blackberry Jam – delay caused by a person walking slowly, nose glued to PDA.
  2. Defaced – deleted from someone’s list of Facebook “friends”.
  3. Designated Texter – someone who receives and responds to the driver’s text messages to ensure passenger safety.
  4. Kthxbi (OK – Thanks – Bye) – Fast end to an online conversation that going nowhere.
  5. ShyPod – Someone who won’t share his or her iPod for fear of being exposed as a disco/country/Neil Diamon lover.
  6. Hashtag – users can disclose the topic of their tweet by prefixing a word with a hash symbol (#health).
  7. Tweet – a short update of 140 characters or more.
  8. Tweetup – when Twitter users meet face-to-face.
  9. Following – when you receive someone tweets, you are considered their follower.

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