MOST People Happier On Days They Don’t Work – Really?

In one of the most stunning studies ever, the researchers show that people (not all just most) are happier on days that they don’t work. But, let’s drill in since I actually found the study interesting and began to wonder about implications that might have on when healthcare companies should communicate with people.

The study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology showed that people are happier on weekends (when most aren’t working) due to “more connection with other people and more self-direction” (co-author Richard Ryan). (see article in USA Today)

One other aspect of the research was that people were happier when they were competent even if the task was difficult.

So, this brings up lots of questions:

  • Since we know that happy call center agents can influence customers, how do you increase their feelings of competency, autonomy, and connectedness?
  • Are you better off communicating with members/patients on the weekends when they are happier?
  • Who are the people that are happier at work than home?
  • Since the general stereotype is that men are less competent with household chores and raising kids, did gender matter? (The article said that age, education, salary, marital status, and # of hours didn’t matter.)

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