NCPA Announces “Simplify My Meds”

For patients with multiple prescriptions, it can be very annoying to have to constantly refill different medications on different cycles. This leads to waste (time) and forgetfulness around refills. It’s an age old problem.

The easy answer would be to work with the patient to consolidate the orders to refill on the same day of the month. This might involve a few split orders or short-fills to get them lined up. I’ve talked with multiple pharmacies about this over the years.

NCPA announced the other day that they were going to focus on this as part of their adherence program. This is great! If they can pull this off, I would expect the whole industry to try and follow.

“By coordinating exactly what day patient refills occur, the independent pharmacy staff’s workload is streamlined. Daily workloads become more predictable, labor costs go down, and staff stress levels decrease. Data analyzed from pharmacies using this model has shown as much as a 30 percent increase in prescription volume, a 50 percent decrease in labor costs, and $1.87 per script increase in gross margin.” (NCPA Press Release)

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