I am a senior business development and product management executive focused on technology enabled services in healthcare.  For the past 15 years, I’ve been working on how technology (mHealth, remote monitoring) can improve engagement and the consumer experience to drive financial and clinical outcomes.  While it seems funny now, my first healthcare project back in the late 1990s was to convince health plans why they should have a web presence and how consumers might use the web to interact with them.

At the same time, I’ve been luck to have had experience in other industries – CPG, telecom, retail.  I believe this perspective along with the Da Vinci approach I’ve taken to my education allow me to blend creative and analytical skills to think differently while applying a methodical approach to product development and business growth.

I’ve worked in several different size companies.  I’ve worked in large Fortune 500 companies, and I’ve tried to start my own company (and several in between).  (For more of a resume, you can see my LinkedIn profile.)  The common theme is that I like to be passionate about what I’m working on, and I like to work with smart teams who are trying to create new models and drive change.

While I love product development, I’m not much of an Ivory Tower person.  I enjoy being out in the field meeting with clients and talking with other companies in a co-opetition approach to growing the pie.  Additionally, I really enjoy presenting at conferences (you can see some here), and I’ve found the blog and social media as a great outlet to find new things, engage with my peers, and think through ideas.

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  1. Thank you George for posting new link.

    While try to access the white paper, request got submitted for approval. I am not sure what is the process for approval.

    However somewhere i noticed that “Access is limited to Silverlink customers and partners and may be subject to approval.”

    I am hoping to get approval to read this white paper.

    Thank you again.

  2. Dear George,

    I would like to thank you for this blog which has really helpful information.

    I have gone through the executive summary of your white paper “The future of the PBM”. I would be interested in reading full white paper however I am not able to access the link posted for it. I was wondering if this is something you can fix or post the link again.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

  3. Really appreciate your thoughts, George. I write not only about personalized medicine, but also about personalization as it spreads into nearly every aspect of our work and personal lives. My site is http://www.nowpossible.com. Hope you can take a look.

  4. Wow, what a great blog. Your efforts to re-create the focus of healthcare back on the patient dovetails very well with what we are doing here at Healthagen. We are committed to empowering healthcare consumers with actionable information. Using the mobile smartphone enables users to have access to critical decision making tools at the point of care. I encourage you to check us out at http://www.healthagen.com. We are currently available for iPhone users through the app store, but will be launching a .mobi version soon for blackberry and other smartphone platforms. We welcome any comments or reviews. Thanks.

  5. George:

    Thank you for including The Doctor Comes to You in your blog roll. I wanted to let you know that I’ve returned the favor and will continue reading your blog.

  6. Morning George,

    Thanks for your interest in Teva’s Year of Affordable Healthcare campaign. We’ve more videos and initiatives coming down the pike as the healthcare reform debate heats up in Washington.

    I did want to point out that the Teva hyperlink in your post directs to Teva the sandal company vs. Teva Pharmaceuticals – happens all the time! The correct address is: http://www.tevausa.com. Would you mind adjusting?

    Thanks again and let me know if you’ve any questions.

    John Procter

  7. Great blog! Do you have a post on the strategic rationale behind PBMs bringing specialty pharmacies over the last five years? If not, do you mind shooting me any of your thoughts? Again, great blog

  8. http://www.pharmacytechnology.net

    Hi George – we have your blog posted on ours! I think it has some great content and I like your style of writing.

    I run a consulting company – that provides a lot of free informational services as an advocate for the independent Pharmacy business owner. We are dedicated to finding and promoting the best technologies for pharmacy.

    I understand the time constraints and expenses incurred by having to evaluate several different providers of the same technologies. I attempt to curb these costs.

    I will continue subscribing to your blog. Have a good day! Best regards,
    Todd S. Eury
    (412) 735 4427

  9. My name is Alexandra Snyder; I am the Content Editor at HealthCare.com. I’ve been reading your blog, Patient Centric Healthcare, and was really impressed by the content. I would like to invite you to feed your blog to our blog community.

    We have a growing community of bloggers, health care seekers and care providers, and are one of the top online health destinations in the U.S. We currently receive millions of visitors each month! By feeding your blog to our site you will expose your posts and work to the millions of users in our network since each post is featured on our homepage. This is a great way to increase traffic for your existing blog or website and gain notoriety.

    Best of all, it’s simple, no need to write a separate blog or leave your current blog site. You would simply create an account at http://blogs.healthcare.com and feed your content. Please feel free to contact me if you need help setting up your blog feed, I will be glad to help you.

    Have a great day!

  10. Hi George:

    I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you for including Trusera in your recent post about the Health 2.0 event in San Diego We headed back to Seattle after Health 2.0 with even more energy for what we’re growing: a network where individuals connect through firsthand health experiences to take action.

    Your mention allows us to reach more people as we build this community and gather stories organically, before our public launch this Summer. Thank you. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.

    If you’re interested in learning more, or connecting with Trusera founder Keith Schorsch personally, just let me know. He’s always happy to chat.

    With thanks,
    -Kim Malek
    Trusera, 2011 Olive Street, Seattle, WA 98122
    (206) 709-3047 office

    Share your health experience and spread the word. Explore Trusera’s open beta at http://www.trusera.com
    Read the Latest News. http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/business/20080305-9999-1n5web.html

  11. Hi George,

    Sorry to hear you had difficulties with our retail clinic search tool. The interactive map is probably the ‘hard’ way to locate clinics. The more conventional search box usually works very reliably.

    But there is nothing that can or should ‘crash’ with either application. Any details you can provide me about your experience would be most welcome.


    Greg Judd
    publisher, healthcare311.com

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