Press Pass

Over the 5+ years of blogging, I’ve gotten on several press lists.  That means that I get lots of press releases sent to me, and I occasionally get invites to conferences or other events.  I also have gotten books to review and a few early looks at some products or research.  At the same time, people will ask for examples of how to demonstrate my activities as “press”.

Typically, I’ve pulled a few articles to share with them, but I thought I would add this new page to the blog.  As always, people can see where I’m quoted in the press here.

Interviews I’ve Done:

Publications I’ve Reviewed:

I’ve attended several conferences as press where I’ll put out a few general stories and do a few interviews.  I also got to do a tour of the Consumerology Lab at Express Scripts and a tour of the Kaiser Center for Total Health.

Of course, the next question which I get is the visibility that my blog gets.  I usually share my stats on average visits per month, people signed up for e-mails of my blog posts, and talk about my network in LinkedIn and Twitter where the blog is pushed for syndication.  So, here are the latest on those…

  • The blog has 2,150+ posts which have been viewed (cumulatively) over 560,000 times.
  • The daily average is about 300 views with about 7,000 per month.
  • There are 350+ people who get an e-mail as soon as I post something on the blog.
  • The blog is syndicated out to 3,456 people via Twitter (1,852) and LinkedIn (1,604).

I think most important is the fact that my followers and contacts are very focused on healthcare.  They include lots of Wall Street analysts, several reporters from large publications, people on the BODs for several large public companies, and people from all the PBMs, most of the pharmacies, lots of managed care companies, and several consulting companies.


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