Stockholm Process Syndrome

I was talking about Stockholm Syndrome this morning, and it hit me.  This is the explanation for why users or companies struggle to move away from a bad process.  We have all been there where we are part of a process which is obviously broken…BUT, we are so close to it, and it is all we know.  We don’t know how to change our situation.

I think the problem is that people become comfortable with the process they know even if it’s bad.  They have found a way to make it work for them.  They know the rules.  They understand it’s faults.  So, why move away from it.  Change looks scarier than the current state.

So, how do we move on.  The key is showing users a better way.  Helping them understand the longer term value.  Putting them in touch with people using a better process.  It’s about managing change so that a better process can take over.

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