Generation Y Summary…for BPM

“They’re ambitious, they’re demanding and they question everything, so if there isn’t a good reason for that long commute or late night, don’t expect them to do it. When it comes to loyalty, the companies they work for are last on their list – behind their families, their friends, their communities, their co-workers and, of course, themselves.”

This is from a Fortune article titled “Attracting the twentysomthing worker” by Nadira Hira from May 15, 2007.  Here are a few of the highlights from the article…then I will tie it back to BPM and why you care.

  • Someone born between 1977 and 1995
  • 79.8M of them (versus 78.5M Boomers)
  • “Most high-maintenance workforce in history” (see RainmakerThinking for more)
  • They go to the gym.
  • Over 1/3 have tatoos.
  • 30% have piercings (other than in their ears).
  • Accustomed to diversity.
  • Electronic.
  • Not just willing to work long hours for the sake of facetime.
  • Communicate different ways (e.g., text messaging).
  • Live at home after college.
  • Involve their parents in the decision of the job more.

So why do you care as you think about BPM?

  1. You have to hire them to work on your project.  Like Myers-Briggs, understanding personality, motivation, and interests helps you build a high-performance team.
  2. They will be part of your process so you need to think about how they experience the job and how they will interact with technology.  Your solution is for the future not necessarily for the past.
  3. This should make you think about generational differences – X, Y, Boomers.  All of this is important when you facilitate an event to flush out the process.
  4. They may someday be your boss.  (It is an interesting experience the first time you realize you are old enough to have a boss younger than you and more successful than you.)
  5. They will get BPMS and wonder why you use paper and don’t have integrated systems today.  They can help drive change.

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