WSJ on SEO (aka CPO)

I found it interesting that the WSJ ran an article about the Strategic Execution Officer (SEO) and described it like I would describe a Chief Process Officer (CPO).  Below are a few quotes, but I think it does a great job of explaining the role.  It is difficult.  It blends technology and business.  Execution is critical.  You become a change agent.  You have to understand process and what is important.  In other words, it is a difficult spot to fill.

“The SEO is an executive put in charge of building, and managing, a platform of digitized processes and data that serve key companywide purposes.”

“Not only must they be well-versed in IT, but they also must have the authority to redefine roles and incentives for relevant managers and workers. SEOs and their staff have a personal stake in the outcome of such systems, and can move people out of the way if they are resistant to change.

CIOs frequently bring to this role not only technological expertise but an awareness of how companywide business processes make new kinds of employee behaviors possible, and how the processes require greater coordination across units.”

Source: Ross, Jeanne and Weill, Peter, All Roads Lead to the SEO, WSJ, 6/16/07, pg. R9

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