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I have been blogging most of this year on the topic of Business Process Management (BPM) at BPM Business.  In doing that, I continued to go back to my previous experience in healthcare and gained a fresh perspective on the healthcare consumer and their interaction with the complex heathcare processes.  (I have always been a big believer in stepping away from the day to day (or current industry) to get a new innovative perspective.)

With that in mind, I have chosen to focus my blogging on consumerism in healthcare.  To me, this is taking a consumer packaged goods framework on marketing and applying it to healthcare (think micro-segmentation, data mining, multi-channel strategy). 

Today,  most healthcare companies think about patients as claims.  The market is finally going to push them to think about patients as consumers and treat them that way.  No longer is a confusing letter with lots of legal and medical terms going to float.  Consumers are going to demand that they can understand the message and take action.

So, with that in mind, I will begin focusing my thoughts here on The Patient Advocate.  I did pull in some of my old blog postings, and I will continue to get off-topic every once and a while to talk about general business, leadership, and other topics that interest me. 

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