Google’s Health Advisory Board

I use Google all the time.  I have been very interested to see pieces of information around Google Health.  Will it compete with WebMD and Revolution?  Will it create new tools like a PHR?  How will it leverage its technology to improve healthcare?

I found their announcement of their board several months ago interesting.  A good mix of people – MDs, employers, academic facilities, researchers.  I didn’t notice many technologists which surprised me.  There are numerous start-ups with MDs or RPhs or other health professionals running them.   

More to come, but a company with great resources that understands how to innovate and seems to have a social conscience could make a big difference here.  You can go read a speech by Adam Bosworth at Google about this.

3 Responses to “Google’s Health Advisory Board”

  1. Just wanted to mention our patient activist and physician oriented Health Search startup:

    One of our main design goals is to bring patients and physicians closer to the research so they can make the most educated decisions possible and truly begin to practice Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in real-time.

    …without giving anyone your medical records!

    Please check it out if you get the chance.

  2. Faith Rossman, RN, MN Reply August 24, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    Agreed; Google doesn’t “get it” when it comes to our health care delivery systems and the people who populate them. Nurses are the front line providers in the greatest numbers. There are highly educated, knowedgeable RN policy makers and practitioners out there that Goodle should have sought out for their advisory panel.

  3. The fact google had no nurses on the advisory board shows Google doesn’t “get” heatlhcare – apparently willing to overlook the largest HCP and #1 user IT user group. While they say they are targeting “care providers” they apparently don’t know who they are – bad start.

    Then when looking at the amateurish UI and application, it’s clear programmers ruled. Google might do “good search engine”, but out of their league with healthcare IT.

    Hopefully they’ll save us the “we discovered this” pitch.

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