Children – Better Eating Like Adults (?)

First off, most adults don’t provide a good example for their kids on many levels especially around eating.  It is easier to preach then do.  “Don’t eat fast food.”  “Don’t snack.”  “Eat vegetables with each meal.”

So, I struggled with an article I read last week which talked about kids menus “growing up”.  Non-alchoholic chardonnay and merlot juices – really?  Marshmellow sushi with fruit roll-ups as wrappers and a piece of candy on top.  Kiddie sushi with chicken-fingers.  On the one hand, kudos for creativity.  On the other hand, none of these jump out to me as great examples of what we want kids eating. 

It makes me think about kids drinking soda (or pop as I called it growing up).  I agree that we don’t need soda machines in the grade schools, but what good is that if we have kids growing up drinking soda.  I was at a kid’s birthday party a few weeks ago and saw a kid drinking root beer out of a bottle.  That seems a little bit unnecessary.  But, again, how many of us drink soda or coffee or other drinks other than water in front of our kids.  What should they expect?

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