Medicare Pilot Results

I saw some amazing results the other day for a Medicare pilot program (not a Silverlink or automated call program). The company was showing us their analytical solution and how a health plan had used it to drive enrollment in a disease management program. They were targeting a Medicare population to get them enrolled to see if they could control spend around the disease.

This vendor broke the population into 7 “clusters” based on similar attributes and then tested different messaging patterns (e.g., disease name then benefits then process versus benefit then process then disease) across 8 different messaging components. They were able to get an 83% enrollment rate within the population. From what I understand separately, several of the companies that signed up for the pilot dropped out since they couldn’t get any meaningful enrollment.

In this case, they used lifestage, household type (e.g., single), household size, race, and income as the five variables that defined a cluster.

And, you still wonder about the benefits of data-driven communications that use segmentation? As you append external data to your claims information, you can create a robust data set that allows you to create personalized messaging to a targeted niche of patients that is designed based on a predictive model of getting them to take action. That should be the key for your communications and marketing programs.

Here is a good blog entry on e-CareManagement on the pilot program. My quick take is that the pilot won’t serve to prove the DM has an ROI, but that doesn’t discount the success that this company had using targeting to drive enrollment.

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