Are You Growing Your Vegetables

I read this interesting analogy this morning about marketing and comparing it to gardening.  I think the author’s points are very relevant when you think about patient retention within healthcare.  A few of the points that come through in the blog entry are:

  1.  It takes effort.  (i.e., vegetables don’t just grow by themselves)
  2. You have to be consistent.  (i.e., you can’t overwater one day and not water for weeks)
  3. Not all vegetables are the same.  (e.g., some like more water or light than others)
  4. You do get better with practice. 
  5. There is lots of competition (e.g., bugs, animals), but it is healthy.  You can’t simply kill the competition with pesticide (i.e., price war).

Two points that the author didn’t make which I think are relevant are:

  1. You can’t grow all vegetables at once.  (i.e., you have to focus on what will respond given your soil, environment, etc.)
  2. You have to plan long-term.  (e.g., some professional farmers rotate fields to optimize yield over multiple years)

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