Lose Weight Without Dieting

Isn’t that a great teaser! My wife was reading an article to me the other day from some magazine. Some famous person was claiming that they lost 30 pounds without dieting. Of course, that sounds promising (and probably sold a lot of magazines).

In the end, the person talked about working out 6 days a week for at least an hour and changing all the foods they ate to be healthy. Maybe not a “diet” technically (just like we are technically not in a “recession”), but I think most people can lose weight if they work out 6 hours per week and eat healthy food.

Ultimately, it is a very basic equation. Calories in versus calories burned.

One Response to “Lose Weight Without Dieting”

  1. Ya!! you are right! A person’s caloric need is determined using a variety of mathematical equations. Age, height, current weight, desired weight, and height are taken into account. Diet is what you eat. Dieting usually refers to eating less calories to lose weight. And exercise is the most important fact to burn calories.

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