46% Want Universal Health Care

In a survey of 45,180 workers, the American Payroll Association found that 46% of Americans were for Universal Health Care. 26% didn’t know and 28% were against.

So, what is Universal Health Care…basically, it is healthcare coverage for all citizens which is funded by the government through taxes. [in my words]

There are lots of arguments pro and con for universal healthcare that I won’t go into here.

2 Responses to “46% Want Universal Health Care”

  1. George Van Antwerp Reply October 25, 2008 at 5:14 am

    I completely agree that people don’t know what they were responding to when asked the question. I am not even sure everyone in the field would agree (especially at the finer points).

  2. In my view this is a meaningless statistic because no one really knows what universal health care means. Based on what I hear out of politician’s mouths, they don’t distinguish between insurers and providers. Much of health care coverage today is considered under-insured because the plans don’t cover all possible hospital and provider charges. People will have to start dying before providers really look at lowering costs. But not because of the personal trategy of death, but because they are missing out sick people revenue.

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