Joining The Board of Advisors at CareFlash

After learning more about CareFlash, I was excited to have the opportunity to join the Board of Advisors.  You can learn more about the company below, but what struck me was the examples of how this could be used by a family dealing with a complex medical situation where they needed help from their community of friends.  After seeing several families with kids in the ICU for prolong periods of time, I can only imagine their challenge in keeping everyone up to date on their child’s condition and seeking out help with errands without being overwhelmed.  CareFlash offers a simple, Health 2.0 type approach to solving that problem using blogging, a shared calendar, and 3D annimation of medical conditions. (See a video tour here.)

We deliver unprecedented healthcare advocacy and world class education to people in the richest circumstances imaginable, while offering unique philanthropic benefits to healthcare-related foundations, advocacy groups, religious institutions, etc. What CareFlash does is unique and unprecedented… and free.

When someone learns that they (or their loved one) have been diagnosed with a chronic healthcare challenge, a flurry of painful emotions appear ranging from fear and feelings of aloneness, to anxiety, uncertainty and even depression. As families begin the process of navigating through this experience together, it commonly becomes clear that people are unprepared and inexperienced at the realities of serving as a caretaker. CareFlash addresses these challenges, empowering our users to do the following:

Establish private and secure online communities around a loved one in order to share and facilitate updates, discussions and well-wishes

  • Update friends, family, coworkers and congregants through a ‘many-to-many’ communication tool. CareFlash streamlines the sharing of updates and well wishes
  • Educate the patient, caretaker and community on the specific disorder and treatment options at hand, using easy to understand 3-D medical animations narrated in plain everyday English, Spanish and other languages.  They range from pregnancy and neonatal issues to cancer, cardiovascular, ears/eyes, neurological, genetic, bladder/kidney, digestive/mouth, endocrine, blood/immune, respiratory, orthopedic, skin/cosmetic and hundreds of others.
  • Engage and organize involvement where help is needed… doing so in an unobtrusive, non-confrontational way through our easy-to-use iHelp Calendar
  • This is all offered to our users for free because our revenues are derived from advertising

In addition, CareFlash delivers unique philanthropic benefits to healthcare-related foundations and institutions, advocacy groups and religious institutions via alliance partnerships that provide them fundraising and marketing… never at any cost to them.

Another more lighthearted video about CareFlash is below.

This is a free service so I would encourage you to consider recommending this to families you know who could leverage this technology approach.  It is also a great tool for alumni groups (e.g., colleges, large institutions) or organizations who deal with families or patients to promote (e.g., specialty pharmacies).

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