Six Steps To Innovation

Futurist Leanne Kaiser Carlson presented at the 2008 AHIP Business Forum.

Health is a growth field, Ms. Carlson explained, not only because of the amount of money spent on it but also its importance to everyone and the unique confluence of technologies that are on the cusp of revolutionizing health. Ms. Carlson showed examples of how computing, nanotech, neurotech, and genomics are coalescing to enhance human performance, human life, and human health from thought-controlled bionic limbs to artificial legs that are faster then human legs.

She presented six things that companies should be doing to innovate:

1. Pay attention to what is going on around you.

2. Create an innovation imperative.

3. Begin a specific fund for innovation and development.

4. Understand the landscape of innovation.

5. Create a culture of rapid prototyping.

6. Break competitive boundaries.

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