Rare Scenarios

A few months ago, I heard a few amazing stories that I am finally getting time to capture.

The first was of the baby who was 3 years old and hadn’t slept.  Can you imagine?  I used to think that not sleeping would make you so productive (with some caffeine), but if you had to watch your kids 24×7 with them being cranky and never resting, you would go crazy.  According to the ABC News story, he has a rare condition called chiari malformation.

The other was of a woman who could remember almost every day of her life.  Again, this is something that seems like it would be so great, but she has written a book “The Woman Who Can’t Forget” and talks about being flooded with random memories all the time.

“It’s a split screen in my head.  I am in the present, like right now, doing what I am doing, but I am also seeing my life run through my head at the same time.  The memories are random and out of order, but they are always there.”  (Interview published in American Way magazine, May 15, 2008, pg. 86)

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