Need A Brady Bunch Show About Health Plans

This is a thought that I have had multiple times. Think about what The Brady Bunch did for architecture. Subconsciously or consciously, I believe it created a positive impression about architecture in the minds of millions of people growing up. I don’t think this was something that architectural associations thought up, but it would have been a good idea.

So, why doesn’t AHIP, the organization that represents the health insurance plans, come up with a way to fund or collaborate with hollywood to create a web story, a sitcom, or a movie in which the hero is an executive at a health plan. By day they are running the company and by night they are moonlighting at a free clinic helping improve health.

Maybe I am crazy, but I really believe this positive imagery would help the industry. In it’s place, the only thing we have are negative images from the movie Sicko or from stories about people being denied care or from our first hand experience with our benefit costs going up. This may not matter as the health industry changes, but I think it will be a long-time before we every really move to a single-payor system or something that radically eliminates the current structure.

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