2010 Banned Words?

I think of Lake Superior State University as a place I expect to see list for NCAA hockey championship, but not the literary location that would be producing the 35th annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use, and General Uselessness.

But, it seems to get lots of media play, and in the spirit of helping you trim your communication choices in the new year…

  1. Shovel-ready [I’ve never heard anyone use this.]
  2. Transparent / transparency [about time]
  3. Czar [doesn’t seem like a democratic term]
  4. Tweet [seems too early to kill this]
  5. App [might also be a little early]
  6. Sexting [n/c]
  7. Friend, as a verb [I think social media will keep this around for a while]
  8. Teachable moment [I actually like this one and didn’t realize it was a commonly used term]
  9. In these economic times…
  10. Stimulus
  11. Toxic assets
  12. Too big to fail
  13. Bromance
  14. Chillaxin’ [Never heard this one…maybe just not that cool]
  15. Obama, as a prefix [Agree…I was never a fan of Obamanomics, etc.]

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