SPAM Blocker as Modern Day Censor

One of our clients told me this morning that my blog is blocked within the company. I was surprised. It got me thinking about the power of the SPAM Blocker (or whatever the right name is for the software that keeps people from visiting certain websites). Usually, I thought this was set up for pornography and gambling, but I know these have expanded to social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.

Some, I can agree with others I can debate. Facebook seems unnecessary for work, but I could argue that LinkedIn could provide some work value. Twitter can be used as a distraction or with all the companies using it, it would seem like it could be a work tool.

That puts a lot of power in the hands of the software or IT person who selects which sites or parameters trigger “the big red hand”. [At least that’s what I’ve seen at several companies.]

Or, maybe I am simply too politically incorrect on my blog [doubtful].

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