What Data Would You Give Your Health Plan / PBM To Better Communicate With You?

We all know that communications around our healthcare are critical to (a) educate us; (b) engage us; and (c) help us make better decisions within this overly complex healthcare system.

So…with that in mind, what would we (you) as consumers do to help healthcare companies and providers (physician, hospital) better communicate with you?

  1. Would you complete a personal health record (PHR)?
  2. Would you do a survey on how you think about healthcare?
  3. Would you do behavioral tests to understand what motivates you?
  4. Would you help create a longitudinal record that could be used to provide you history across plans?
  5. Would you help them integrate data?
  6. Would you provide them with consumer data about yourself (e.g., what magazines you read)?
  7. Would you give them access to your credit score?
  8. Would you provide salary data?

All of these things are accessible today and can be used. BUT, if you had total control, what would you share?

It would help people determine how to educate you. It would help companies know how to motivate you. It would help them understand what information is valuable to you.

Let’s take it to an extreme…

Today, we allow direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising from the pharmaceutical manufacturers to the general population. This is a shotgun approach. Why not spend that money to really focus on the people that need it. We could use algorithms to determine who was most at risk for certain conditions and provide targeted educational messaging to them in the medium that they best respond to with messaging that is personalized to their situation. Would you want that?

One Response to “What Data Would You Give Your Health Plan / PBM To Better Communicate With You?”

  1. The problem is most of us don’t know what to start with, which information is crucial.. We’re not sure of that
    Maybe what we need is some sort of awareness campaign to start with, to educate people so that everybody understand what to share and what need to be done..
    Just my 2 cents..

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