Managed Care Companies Should Offer Free Shoppers

Someone almost stole my idea today so I better post it while I can seem somewhat original. 

We know that consumers (us) don’t make the best decisions (in general) when we shop.  We also know that small differences can add up.  (An extra 100 calories a day = 10 lbs per year.)  We know that being overweight drives lot of health conditions.  We know that it’s costly to treat multiple conditions.  We know that the complexity of care impacts people’s ability to follow a care plan.  And on and on…

So, why don’t the health plans partner with the grocery stores to offer free shopping services.  I can send in my list of have a shopper help me make decisions to pick the healthy bread.  To learn how to prepare my pork chops versus my steaks.  This seems to be a great opportunity to localize healthcare and make a tactical difference.

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