Scary Healthcare Realities

Thinking about Halloween got me to thinking about what “scares” me about healthcare…

  1. We have 10’s of millions of uninsured and underinsured people in the US while being one of the most prosperous nations.
  2. People can and do actually go bankrupt due to trying to medical costs.
  3. Health literacy is a huge problem and isn’t being addressed at a systemic level.
  4. Surgery on the wrong body part still happens.
  5. You can get sicker going to the hospital than you were before you went.
  6. People who work in healthcare can’t figure out the system (much less the people outside the system).
  7. Over 20% of kids need medication.
  8. Obesity, diabetes, depression, and other conditions are all related and growing quickly.
  9. Health and wealth are correlated yet the financial payment system rewards sick care and short term ROI.
  10. People don’t want to be PCPs due to the risk, the pay, and other challenges.

What scares you about our healthcare system or health in general?

One Response to “Scary Healthcare Realities”

  1. I agree with all except 7. I would say almost no kids actually ‘need’ medication.

    I used to be very concerned about the healthcare system in the U.S. But lately, I’m not worrying as much. It’s because all the so called solutions are either counterproductive or too incremental to have any meaningful impact on what truly ails the system and our people.

    So not to sound too pessimistic, but I think we’re going to reach a breaking point sooner rather than later. Healthcare is just another bubble waiting to be burst. If we can’t find a good solution, a solution will find us.

    A lot of people working in the healthcare sector who are not directly or indirectly part of delivery of care will be out of work, including you and me. But it may not be such a bad thing to have brilliant people like yourself devote their brain power to something more productive.

    On behalf of all the lurkers, Happy Halloween, and thanks for your insight!

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