Would You Eat Ice Cream That Requires A Waiver

I heard about this ice cream last week called “Cold Sweat” from Sunni Sky in NC.  It’s a cool name.  I was intrigued enough to Google it (not to eat it).  You have to sign a waiver to get it.  Would you do that?

It sounds like it was a one-time batch…I wonder why.

But, I assume there is some culture for these crazy hot foods.  Another friend told me about a restaurant that has a super hot food night once a year where you also have to sign a waiver. 

Or, are these just marketing tactics to capture attention and free press. 

Now, let’s turn this concept around…what if we required people to sign “waivers” or something similar to actively acknowledge when they smoked or ate meals with thousands or calories?  Could this force people to think differently?

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