What Happens When You Get A New Home Phone

We just added another phone line (land line) to our home.  (Bucking the trend of only using mobile phones, we now have 4 home phone lines plus our mobile phones.)  I’ve been intrigued to see what happens.  I haven’t given the number to anyone nor have I had the time to put it on the DNC list.  (I’m not even sure what the number is.)

But, in the week since I’ve plugged in a phone, I’ve gotten a bunch of calls:

  • 918-442-0768 (looks like spam based on the 800notes.com site)
  • 918-442-0926 Home Security (selling security systems from whocallsme.com site)
  • 636-925-1746 PISA Group (this was someone selling me the local paper)
  • 800-238-3770 (looks like telemarketing from DirectTV based on 800notes.com site)

They have each called me an average of 4 times in one week.  I think the phone companies should default you into the DNC list and force you to opt-out.  But, they must make money by doing it the way it is today.

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