Chocolate Good For Cholesterol?

Just another one of the many confusing messages in healthcare. Is red wine good or bad? Is this drug good for me? How do I weigh the side effects? How much should I work out? Should I stretch before I work out? Is BMI critical if I have muscle mass? Am I genetically doomed? Should I provide feedback on my physician or will I get sued? Do I have to take my drug every day or just most days?

Well, I’m sure in this case moderation is important, BUT Japanese investigators have found that polyphenols in cocoa attach to genes in the liver and intestines which activate the ones that produce good cholesterol (HDL) and help suppress bad cholesterol (LDL).

Great news for those of us that love sweets!

One Response to “Chocolate Good For Cholesterol?”

  1. Except that some chocolat in the US are made with beef fat for cut costing reasons…

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