Is Royal Pains Good Or Bad For Concierge Medicine?

I really enjoy the show Royal Pains which highlights a physician providing concierge medicine to the super wealthy in the Hamptons. The physician (Hank) and his staff doing an amazing job of diagnosing complex conditions based on a mix of science and deep dives with the patient to really understand their condition, their symptoms, and their environment.

On the one hand, it shows the power of building a relationship between the patient and the physician. It also shows how convenient it can be to have the physician coming to your house and monitoring you.

On the other hand, the type of attention and care shown here with all the technology being available within the home seems unreasonable. The cost to participate would be outrageous (I think).

So, it makes me wonder whether this is beneficial for the whole movement that companies like MDVIP or people such as Dr. Jay Parkinson are providing.

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