Press Hits, Presentations, Writing YTD

I wanted to put together a quick summary of brand awareness so far in 2011.  It’s been a banner year already exceeding 2010 press hits (21).

  1. Drug Benefit News article in January around predictions for the industry
  2. Whitepaper on the future of the PBM/pharmacy industry
  3. Mention of my whitepaper in Adam Fein’s blog
  4. Barclays PBM Expert Call on 2/8/11
  5. Drug Benefit News article on Lipitor in February
  6. Managed Care Magazine on Lipitor
  7. Drug Benefit News article on coalition in February
  8. Drug Benefit News article on Walgreens PBM sale in March
  9. AIS Webinar on Copay Cards
  10. Drug Benefit News on Copay Cards
  11. Pharmacy Times on Mail Order
  12. Silverlink eBook we put out on healthcare communications
  13. AJPB July/August 2011 From the Editor
  14. Health Plan Weekly (8/1/11) on OptumRx moving away from Medco
  15. Pharmacy Technology Podcast in July
  16. Ten different appearances in the PCMA SmartBrief
  17. Five references on
  18. A blog citation about extreme couponing
  19. Some discussion of my AIS webinar by David Williams
  20. A guest post on KevinMD about paying physicians for adherence
  21. Grand Rounds
  22. Drug Channels News Roundup
  23. A mention in DigiPharm
  24. HealthLeaders on Medco sale to Express Scripts
  25. HR Online about limited networks
  26. Drug Channels review of the Express Scripts Drug Trend Report

And, I have 5 things that I’ve actively provided comment and content to including my upcoming presentation at the Care Continuum Alliance on engaging the hard to engage with one of our clients – Aetna.

One Response to “Press Hits, Presentations, Writing YTD”

  1. Congratulations! I always enjoy citing good stuff.

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