New Running Challenge Coming To St. Louis – RunRuckus

For those of you that like running challenges but are tired of the treadmill or your typical neighborhood run, this might be just the challenge.  This is part of the new extreme sports trend, but on a manageable scale for people like you and I.  A good friend of mine is working with the company that is sponsoring Run Ruckus in St. Louis and several other places (Columbus, Boston, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and more in 2012).

While I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous since my training has been slack here, a good race is always a motivator to step it up.  And, 4 miles in obstacles should be interesting.  Want to join me?  I may have a 2 free passes to the first people that reach out to join me.  Let me know.

In the meantime, take a look and consider signing up.

One Response to “New Running Challenge Coming To St. Louis – RunRuckus”

  1. Wow, that seems like fun. Would love to participate if it was closer to NY/NJ metro area. Share photos if you take part.

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