Increasing Preferred Pharmacy Usage (2 of 3)

This is the second of three posts on new ideas for increasing usage:
  1. Driving preferred pharmacy usage from the employer site
  2. Using social media
  3. Borrowing from other industries
A lot of companies have YouTube channels (for example):
But, why hasn’t anyone focused on how to leverage patient or consumer stories as testimonials about their pharmacy experience to drive new customer acquisition?  This is certainly used in other industries.  We’ve all seen promotions where companies ask people to submit video stories about how they use their product.  What a great way to get people talking about their experience.  I haven’t seen anyone do that in pharmacy.
Given that we know storytelling works for patients, why don’t people try this.  We know peer pressure messaging works to address weight loss or smoking or even energy usage so why not pharmacy selection.
We’re all probably familiar with the famous “What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar” campaigns.

Or what about the Foursquare concept of location based check-in?  Would this drive traffic?  Could you cross-sell using Foursquare – OTCs, non-Rx purchases, DME?  Maybe we could ask Walgreens

Here’s a description from Foursquare on their merchant page:

“Whether you’re a national chain, a mom-and-pop shop, or anywhere in between, you can attract new customers or reward your most loyal ones by offering foursquare Specials – mobile coupons, prizes or discounts – which are presented to users when they check in at or near your venue.  Specials create extra enticement to get customers to stop by – think 20% off a meal, a free dessert, or even a reserved parking spot for your most loyal customers.  Specials can be tailored to fit your needs, whether it’s a unique discount for first-time customers or rewards for the 10th visit (see our full menu of available Specials below).”


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