Monitoring Your Health Thru Existing Devices – Convergence

Not a big surprise, but a company [and probably many more] is focused on applications that leverage the smart phone for remote monitoring.  They are looking at respiration, pulse, heart rhythm, and blood oxygen level.

This reminds me of the Ford announcement about monitoring air quality for allergies and considering a diabetes app within the car.

This idea of convergence isn’t new.  I think we’ve all seen how our smart phones now replace our cameras in many cases.

The one that I keep wondering about is when monitoring will happen through the toilet.  You could monitor your kids for drugs or alcohol.  Your urine could tell you about a urinary track infection or the color can tell you about dehydration.  Your feces color or smell could also provide health information.  This has been a topic on Dr. Oz before (but I couldn’t get the video to play and embed here).

Maybe the “smart toilet” will be the next big thing in preventative health.


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