There Is Never A Good Time To Be Sick

Whenever I get a cold or have to go to the physician’s office, I always complain about how busy I am or what else has to be done. We schedule our lives so tightly that there is rarely time for acute health needs much less preventative measures. (Or else I’m the exception.)

But, I was thinking about this when I read the Walgreen’s study the other day on the impact of the flu. It takes survey data and projects it forward, but I think it makes a big point about why to get a flu shot. You don’t want to be miss out on life’s events such as the estimated:

  • More than 600,000 graduations missed
  • More than 1 million weddings not attended
  • More than 3 million vacations canceled or interrupted
  • Nearly 5 million holiday celebrations missed
  • More than 5 million sporting events missed

And, the rest of us that are healthy don’t want the sick people coming and getting us sick!

“In addition to holidays and planned vacations, there may be other engagements and important dates that fall when flu is widely circulating. There’s no planning for an ill-timed illness, and these findings from last year’s typical flu season reinforce the importance of getting a flu shot each year.” (Dr. Cheryl Pegus, Chief Medical Officer, Walgreens in press release)

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