Customer Centric Segmentation

An article by this name appeared in the September 2011 PharmaVOICE magazine. I think it reinforced several things that are part of my evangelizing when I’m out on the road talking to healthcare companies. I pulled out a few comments and quotes that reinforce many of the things that I think about.

  • “Pharmaceutical companies need to develop tools and techniques that touch patients and physicians as they move along the disease journey together.” Derek Kealey
  • “Segmentation creates the ability to treat consumers as people, not transactions.” (article author)
  • “Insights into breast cancer patients reveal that adherence has little to do with age or stage of the disease and everything to do with how a person copes with the condition.” Jeff Burkel
  • “The key to successful messaging isn’t so much about finding target customers; it’s about using search marketing to make it easy for them to find you and ideally start a relationship.” Wendy White
  • “The industry’s business model has to morph from being about a pill to being about information and services around the pill.” Dr. Joseph Kvedar
  • “The big change will be moving beyond the siloed view and looking across all channels and understanding how every outlet can work together holistically.” Derek Kealey
  • Pharma needs to focus on the user experience and understand what the consumer needs and how to service it up to them. (paraphrased from Wendy Blackburn)

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