Why A Big Mac And Coke Is Your Diet Meal

In an interesting study and other work, there appears to be a health halo effect which happens. We’re all familiar with Jared (from Subway) and his amazing weight loss journey. But, this leads us to perceive that the sandwich’s there are all low calorie…even though a lot of us order the 12″ sandwich. In one study, people eating at Subway had 56% more calories than people ordering at McDonalds. SCARY!

You add that to the perception that many people have that a diet soda is better than a regular soda, and you have an interesting problem. Of course, the best problem is to pick healthier foods and understand their calories. Of course, even when restaurants began sharing how many calories were in their meals that simply got people to consume more calories not less. And, a USA Today article points out that the listed calories don’t always match the actual calories (and not in a good way).

Good luck figuring it out.

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