Took A New Job With inVentiv Medical Management

As some of you know, I’ve taken a new job.  I just joined inVentiv Medical Management which is a company focused on reducing care costs and improving health outcomes quality for self-insuring employers, their employees and family members.  One of the exciting new products that they launched before I came is called Accountable Care Solutions.  Here’s a description from the press release:

Powered by a combination of clinical and financial algorithms and evidence-based decision-making rules, inVentiv Medical Management’s Accountable Care Solutions ensure that physician-ordered procedures are the best option from a treatment effectiveness and patient risk perspective. The new suite of solutions includes Comprehensive Oncology Care Management(TM), Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care Management(TM) and Comprehensive Kidney Care Management(TM). These Accountable Care Solutions offer customers – such as third-party administrators, employer groups and reinsurance carriers – best-in-class resources to effectively and efficiently enhance healthcare quality, while reducing overall costs of medical claims and improving patient outcomes.

One Response to “Took A New Job With inVentiv Medical Management”

  1. Laura Cordera, Healthcare Professional Group Reply March 22, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Hi George,

    Congratulations! What is your new contact info at Inventiv Medical Management (phone/email). I have heard of a lot of good people being over there…wishing you much success!

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