One Hour: Sleep or Workout?

There is so much in the news these days about obesity that I keep coming back to one question – If I only have one hour free in my day, should I spend it getting more sleep or exercising?

(Of course, obesity is not a new issue and has been an ongoing topic of worry for many).

We all know that sleep affects weight. I’ve blogged about this before and there are numerous articles out about it. And, sleep medications have become a big business.

We also know that exercise is critical (burn more calories than you take in). (or maybe not) One statistic that stuck with me from a gym was that less than 5% of people succeed in losing weight just from exercise…you need a combination of diet and exercise.

But, both take time…so if I can’t do both, which is more important? And, I think you’re seeing more and more the focus on weight loss from an employer perspective as the costs grow of student auto loans. Maybe sleep will be next. We’ll all have to wear a Zeo and be incented to get the right amount of sleep.

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