Screening Gaps

I took a quick look at some data from the Thomson Reuters 2010 PULSE Healthcare Survey about screenings by age compared to recommendations. Here’s what it showed (in summary):



Actual From Survey Respondents


Vary but the National Cancer Institute indicates that age is the most common risk factor

31.5% of all men have had a prostate screening in the past 2 years (48.5% of those 65+)

PAP / Cervical

American Cancer Society recommends all women between 21-30 get a screending each year or two

65% of those <35 have had a test


US Preventative Services Task Force recommends that all women >65 and those with certain risk factors get tested

16.2% of all women have been tested in the past two years and only 28.1% of those >65


American Cancer Society recommends screenings beginning at 50

33.6% of those 65+ have had a screening in the past 2 years and 22.9% of those 35-64


American Diabetes Association recommends screening for everyone 45+ every 3 years and more for those who are overweight or have multiple risk factors

27.7% all respondents reported having a screening in the past 2 years


National Cholesterol Education Program recommends screening for all Americans over 20

48.4% have had a screening in the past 2 years


Recommended yearly for women over 40

53% of those 35-64 and 61% of those 65+ report having one in the past year

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