Scary Infographic On the Effects Of Soda

The scariest stat in here is that kids ages 1 and 2 are drinking soda on a daily basis.

Now, the fact that we’re fat and drink too much soda isn’t the soda’s company’s fault.  We drink soda of our own free will, but this is a contributor to our obesity and this is why the NY soda law makes sense.  (And, IMHO, this is why the soda companies supported removing their drinks from schools and went into the business of selling non-soda beverages…they know there are issues regardless of what they say.)

Soda Infographic

One Response to “Scary Infographic On the Effects Of Soda”

  1. This makes a very compelling case to look for ways to limit soda consumption. This reminds me of an NPR blog that was published a few years ago, when soda regulation options were being discussed. Maybe providing soda companies incentives to produce non-sugary beverages and consumers incentives to purchase these beverages (maybe by placing a tax on soda like the one mentioned in the NPR blog) would be a good combination. Needless to say, something should be done.

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