Consumer Engagement Technology In Healthcare

Another big piece of my discussion with a consultant about consumer engagement in healthcare was from a technology perspective. Ultimately, there are three questions here:

  1. How should I think about and structure the landscape?
  2. Who are some example companies in each area?
  3. Which ones are the best to use (and for what segment of the population)?

I’m going to skip the 3rd question for now since there are business cases for any of these tools. The question is more about understanding your population and what your objectives are.

Here’s a quick model from Accenture to begin this…

But, here’s what I laid out for questions one and two. (BTW – This is my impression. There was no science here. I welcome comments and additions of companies are areas to put on the map.)

Examples of companies that I mentioned that I’ve seen, talked to, monitored, or heard of doing interesting work were:

And, ultimately, I told them what I tell many people…To see who the new companies are in these spaces look at the list of sponsors to Health 2.0, the presenters, and who’s recently gotten VC funding. This is going to capture some of the ones that are off the radar.

They had a great question to try to wrap this up which was how does this information get to the patient. That last mile is one of the big issues today. A few of the things I pointed out are:

  • Some companies like Happtique are trying to play here. This builds on some of the concepts from the Center For Information Therapy. (Prescribing information or applications)
  • As far as I know, the EMR and practice management systems aren’t doing much here – Epic, Cerner, Allscripts. Although Athena did buy a small player in this space years ago.
  • There are some companies trying to do this as part of their jump into the ACO space (e.g., Lumeris with NaviNet).

I thought I’d wrap up with this image from Chillmark Research.

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