Recent Research Around Health Consumers And Wellness ROI

I keep seeing so many articles that I don’t always have time to research them and write them up. With that in mind, I thought I would share some quick summaries and links here.

  1. Harris Survey data about customer satisfaction with their healthcare experience and how things compare between technologies they have access to and technologies they want.
  2. Ernst & Young report on collaboration within healthcare as part of patient-centric system.–young-llp-health-care-report-explores-collaboration-as-key-to-a-patient-centric-system-169447336.html
  3. NEJM article on the business of health.
  4. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) as key part of patient care and emerging role of pharmacist.
  5. New obesity report.
  6. Aetna survey on difficulty of selecting healthcare benefits.
  7. United survey and consumers beginning to shop online for healthcare service information and pricing.
  8. Question on another blog about relevance of ongoing use of the term e-patient.
  9. Humana and Walmart partnership.
  10. A list of 71 ideas from a brainstorming meeting.
  11. Benefit cuts are worker’s top worry.
  12. Encouraging empathy over efficiency in healthcare.
  13. Report on mobile health app growth.
  14. HRAs offer best ROI in wellness programs.
  15. Analysis of 56 wellness studies shows big ROI.
  16. 600% wellness program ROI and facts in infographic.
  17. Consumer Reports survey on cost savings activities by consumers to pay for prescriptions.
  18. United study showing that quality can be 14% cheaper.
  19. Linking wellness incentives to outcomes.
  20. 12 facts about patient engagement.

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