72M Uninsured Under Romney Plan…That Would Be A Problem

I know lots of people are skeptical or against healthcare reform.

A report that just came out says that Romney’s plan would lead to 72M uninsured by 2022. I have no idea if that’s a reasonable analysis, but any more uninsured should be a problem for us as a country. They wait to get care leading to bigger long term issues under Medicaid and Medicare. They over-utilize the emergency room. And, as a first world country, we should want to have everyone getting a basic level of preventative care to prevent long-term issues and higher costs and improve out quality of life.

I’ll admit that I was initially a skeptic of healthcare reform, but I think it’s a reasonable solution. Not perfect. As I’ve argued for a while, it only focused on quality and access but not cost. I would have started with access first. But there are several very positive parts of healthcare reform regardless of what some people believe.

  • Support for technology
  • Support for preventative care
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • No lifetime limits
  • No denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions
  • Pharma reimbursement during the donut hole
  • At least 85% of what you pay for healthcare must be spent on medical costs (not administrative)
  • No single payer

One Response to “72M Uninsured Under Romney Plan…That Would Be A Problem”

  1. The 72 million number sounds like desperate propaganda with no basis in fact…the likely reforms being discussed by Republicans (mostly doctors, Paul Ryan, etc…) would encourage competition, reduce red tape, etc…the point is ACA, and particulalry the impact on state medicaid programs is not sustainable; unless of course we impose a 75%+ tax rate, significant reduction in benefits, or other draconian measures. A program that pays for 100% of everything is does not mean much if there isn’t anything to pay for it with…

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