The Wired Guide To Health

I was reading Wired Magazine (Oct 2012) last night, and I came across this article “Living By Numbers: The Wired Guide To Health”. It gives “18 data-driven ways to be happier, healthier, and even a little smarter.” In my words, it’s a nice cheat sheet of some basic things we should all know (and many of which I’ve blogged about over the years).

  1. Conserve your willpower: it runs out.
  2. Shorten your workouts. (high intensity interval training)
  3. Make a sport-specific playlist. Music is the ultimate motivator. Choose your workout tunes carefully.
  4. Learn to read a scientific report.
    1. Causation versus correlation
    2. True size of the effect
    3. Statistical power
    4. Conflicts of interest
  5. Don’t ignore data.
  6. Check your genome.
  7. Sleep or else.
  8. Know whether to caffeinate or nap.
  9. Be a discerning pill popper.
  10. Eat this meal. Load your plate for maximum nutrition not maximum taste. L
  11. Beware of food trends.
  12. Do the right things at the right time. (circadian rhythms affects sports)
  13. Heighten your senses with a call of duty. (gaming can make you quicker and more focused)
  14. Get to know your poop bugs.
  15. Dial in your happiness.
  16. Avoid unnecessary procedures.
  17. Get a standing desk.
  18. Learn to live longer. (Blue Zones)

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