Which Health Apps Show Up On Most Top App Lists?

At this time of year, you’ll see lots of “top apps” lists.  MobiHealth put together a list of the top 80 apps, but I also wanted to look across a variety of lists and see if there were any common apps mentioned. 

We’re still early in this mHealth world, but it is a key topic which will change how physicians interact with their patients as one MD talks about on Kevin MD’s blog

After looking at a recent CNN Money Magazine article called “Tap Here for Better Health”, I also looked at the following lists:

Obviously, each of these writers had different criteria, but there were 8 applications that appeared more than once across these lists:

  1. Lose It
  2. Fooducate
  3. Runkeeper
  4. ZocDoc
  5. Cardiio
  6. Sleep Cycle
  7. Endomondo
  8. My Fitness Pal

If interested, you can also see the list of most helpful apps from the Modern Healthcare survey that Jane Sarasohn-Kahn highlights in her blog.  Most of those seem less “sexy” than the typical lists that you see.



The apps that show up on these lists have changed over the past few years although Endomondo appears on this 2010 list and on several of these recent lists.

One Response to “Which Health Apps Show Up On Most Top App Lists?”

  1. I’ve used My Fitness Pal for years and love it. I need to get back on the wagon, actually.

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